This is a description of common grammar and/or spelling errors. Whether you want to be, think you are or not, you will be judged on your comprehension of these commonly misspelled, misunderstood or misrepresented words by the exact people who are most likely to give you the best help.

Applicable to Centos Versions:

  • Centos 5.x
  • Centos 6.x


  1. A Clue.

Doing the Work

It does not matter what language is your native language, where you come from or what you know. There are “facts” and there are “opinions” and here we’ll only be discussing facts of the English language. Ultimately, it’s your decision on whether you learn and apply these facts to your benefit, or choose to ignore them to your detriment.

  1. You, Your and You’re
  2. There, Their and They’re
  3. To, Too and Two

Troubleshooting / How To Test

Explanation troubleshooting basics and expectations.

  1. Explanation of test step 1:
  2. Explanation of test step 2:

Common problems and fixes

Describe common problems here, include links to known common problems if on another site

More Information

Any additional information or notes.


We test this stuff on our own machines, really we do. But you may run into problems, if you do, come to #centoshelp on

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