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Latest Release 6.0
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IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
For live help via chat on Freenode IRC (Internet Relay Chat) please connect to the official Freenode IRC network and follow the instructions for joining the #centos channel. Howto configure IRC


Mailing Lists
Centos Main Mailing List: Main English Signup (Here)


3rd Party Repositories
These are known safe repositories when used alone with default Centos repositories. They are safe to leave enabled and known to integrate well with Centos. Do not mix them together or with other repos or you will have conflicts eventually, pick one or the other.

EL4 repo RPM (here)
EL5 repo RPM (here)

RPMForge Safe
EL5 i386 repo RPM (here)
EL5 x86_64 repo RPM (here) GPG Key (here)
EL4 i386 repo RPM (here)
EL4 x86_64 repo RPM (here) GPG Key (here)
Special Note: Make sure to use the yum-priorities plugin with this repo (yum install yum-priorities).

RPMFusion Safe
Free Repository for EL5: Freeworld
Non-Free Repository for EL5: NonFree

RHEL5 or compatible like Centos :
su -c rpm -Uvh’

Important notes :
You need to enable EPEL on RHEL5 or compatible distributions like Centos before you enable RPM Fusion for EL. See the fedoraproject wiki for instruction how to enable EPEL. The RPM Fusion for EL repositories are still in the early testing stages; hence you (for now) need to enable epel-testing as well, as some of the RPM Fusion packages depend on packages that are currently in epel-testing. All users that used Freshrpms or Livna installed properly (e.g. by installing one of their foo-release packages) got RPM Fusion free and nonfree repositories enabled automatically.

Adobe Flash Safe

Use caution when using these repos and never mix them. Do not leave multiple 3rd party repos enabled and perform a yum update, core system packages or files may be inadvertently replaced or removed. Do not install source (tar.gz) packages, this will eventually lead to a broken yum or rpm, or worse. The system was designed to manage rpm packages via yum and rpm. The use of yum-priorities, exclude= (in your yum.conf file), –enablerepo= (when installing or searching with yum) are highly encouraged.

Web Security Tools Various security tools and web resources.

Security Focus http// Latest computer security news

Linux Security Linux security focused howtos and forums

Linux Sec Howtos and other resources aimed at server hardening

NSA SELinux homepage on SELinux

Red Hat Security Hat security resources

Art & Themes
Various themes, icons, backgrounds, login screens and other tools and resources for your graphical desktop environment.

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