Various documents regarding security, best practices and ease of administration.

– – Kernel Boot-time Parameters As Defined By
This is a non-complete but fairly verbose list of possible kernel boot-time parameters.

– – Cacti The Ultimate Management Solution
Cacti SNMP Management Installation HOW-TO For Linux – By Lee Carter

– – Hardening RHEL5
Red Hat Boston Summit 2008 – June 18 – 20 – By Steve Grubb, Red Hat

– – NSA RHEL Guide i731
National Security Administration (NSA) RHEL-Guide-i731 – Guide to the Secure Configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

– – Secure Programming-for Unix Linux HowTo
Computer security expert David A. Wheeler takes an in-depth look at todays often insecure programming methods and suggests new approaches to programming more secure systems. By David A. Wheeler

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